• Stealth S.02 swim fins
  • Stealth S.02 swim fins
  • Stealth S.02 swim fins
  • Stealth S.02 swim fins
  • Stealth S.02 swim fins

Stealth™ S.02 Swim Fins



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The STEALTH FINS S2 was developed by the world’s most elite riders to provide the highest level of performance.

Made of 100% MALAYSIAN floating rubber, the S2 provides maximum comfort, thrust and control in a compact and stylish design. Special ergonomically designed foot pocket of softer rubber for absolute comfort. Original Jet Vents prevent buildup of sand/debris and provide a vacuum-flow of water to improve thrust efficiency. Three inner-blade ridges and angled outside-rails for efficient transfer of power resulting in maximum thrust and control.

STEALTH FINS team riders include Ryan, Hardy, Ben Player, Dave Winchester, Pierre Louis-Costes, Joe Clarke, Michael Novy, Charlie Holt, Thorpe Waleuw and Jake Stone.

Stealth S2.0 Swim Fins

Asymmetric Foot Pocket

Ergonomically designed Asymmetrical Foot Pockets focused on maintaining the ideal balance of comfort and security through the whole foot pocket during extended periods of time in all water conditions.

S2 Rubber Compound

Stealth Fins are made from 100% floating MALAYSIAN rubber, which is team tested (and what a team). Durometer tested for the best possible performance, comfort and durability.

Angled rails

Stealth Fins S.02 angled rails create maximum thrust efficiency and acts as a source of strength and stability through the entire fin whilst kicking through the water.

Secure Ankle Straps

Natural rubber ankle straps it keep the fin comfortably fastened to your foot when in use in all surf conditions.

Blade Rail Ridges

Stealth Fins have 3 blade rail ridges that maximize the transfer of energy from the foot pocket to the blade by evenly dispersing the foots kinetic energy resulting in more powerful and comfortable thrust.

Jet Vents

Stealth fins have jet vents that stop the build up of sand and debris in the foot pocket ensuring constant comfort when kicking through the water. The flow of water through the vacuum Jet vents increases thrust efficiency.

Stealth fins have the biggest pro signature range in the industry, and for good reason! If you want to emulate top pros like Player, Hardy, Winny, Novy or PLC then maybe you should have Stealth Fins too?

BOOM Hawaii Ep 3.05 Stealth - Stealth Vision from Waldron Bros Production on Vimeo.