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Gath Surf Convertible Helmet

CODE: surfconv

Price: $119.99


If you want head protection without ear coverage and as little bulk as possible, the Gath Surf Convertible (SFC) with detachable ear pockets will provide you a smart balance between impact head protection and lightweight comfort. The Surf Convertible's lightweight, comfort, low-profile design and convertibility make it the best choice for surfers.

This model features foam forehead coverage that adds additional protection. Flexible ear protectors automatically adapt to your face size and shape and are removable to suit temperature or user preference, and audio vents are fully adjustable. Fit can be customized with comfort strips to achieve a fit that offers maximum comfort and stability.

Added Forehead Protection
Molded high-density foam padding adds protective insulation from bumps, helps hold helmet in proper position, and adds sizing element for optimal fit.

Neck Protection
The low volume, lightweight, rounded shell shape helps protect from the effects of "bucketing" water or from "snagging" the reef, a leash, or your board.

More Secure, Suction Cup Fit
Molded, closed-cell liner and peel-and-stick comfort fit strips allow you to achieve real comfort, security and proper fitting of head shape.

Wear It and Forget It Comfort
Flexible fitting ear protectors adjust to you! Ear protectors are removable to accommodate warm temperature or your style. Four-point attachment keeps Gath secure with or without ear protectors.

First Class Materials
The Surf Convertible's shell is high impact resistant, quality ABS plastic. The molded closed-cell foam liner is comfortable and non-absorbent. Non-corrosive components and adhesives mean long-lasting durability and low maintenance.

The Surf Convertible without ear pockets weighs only 280-305 grams (.62 lb.-.67 lb.), depending on size. Ear pockets add 60 grams (.19 lb) per set. You might forget you're wearing it!

Communication and Entertainment Compatibility
Gath ear protectors will accommodate waterproof speakers and microphones for use with one or two-way radios and waterproof MP-3 players. Call for additional information.

Gath 3-year Warranty
Gath products are guaranteed to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for three years from the date of purchase, provided they are used as intended and the care instructions are strictly followed. This warranty does not cover scratches to the Gath or the effects of overexposure to heat.