Doc's ProPlugs Vented Ear Plugs
  • Doc's ProPlugs Vented Ear Plugs
  • Doc's ProPlugs Vented Ear Plugs
  • Doc's ProPlugs Vented Ear Plugs
  • Doc's ProPlugs Vented Ear Plugs
  • Doc's ProPlugs Vented Ear Plugs

Doc's ProPlugs Vented Ear Plugs

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Protect yourself from Surfer's Ear!

  • Doc's Proplugs are the official earplug of the USSF National Surf Team.
  • Does not obstruct the canal with silicon which is not recommended by the physicians, instead fits in the auricle to ensure ear protection and safety.
  • No messy sticky putty lost in ear.
  • Prevents Surfers ear, also known as exostotis which may lead to costly surgery and deafness.
  • Includes leash and plastic case- keep track of your earplugs easily
    • Takes only seconds to fit
    • Does not impact earwax
    • Vented for equalization, better hearing and balance
    • Prevents eardrum rupture from impact
    • Soft, comfortable and flexible
    • They float
  • - Developed and designed by a surfing physician since 1977

    - Doctors recommend Proplugs

    - Prevents surfers ear, swimmers ear, and eardrum rupture

    - Helps ears equalize under water

    - Low price, high quality hypo-allergenic earplug

    - 8 preformed sizes for lifetime protection

    - No messy, sticky putty lost in ear canal

    - The ONLY earplug which does not disrupt earwax or obstruct the canal 

  • Billed as “The ultimate ear protection for all ages”, Doc’s Proplugs are a product that actually lives up to its hype. These ear plugsare so effective that they are even doctor recommended. Their prototype was actually designed by a physician and surfing enthusiast back in 1977.


    If you or your child has ever suffered from swimmer’s ear, you are well aware of how annoying and painful the bothersome infection can be. Swimmer’s ear occurs when water enters the external ear and cannot dry properly. Even clean swimming pool water can harbor microscopic bacteria, and this bacteria thrives in the dark and damp environment that wet ears produce. While a single swimmer’s ear infection is typically innocuous, chronic infections can thicken the inside of the ear and cause the canal to narrow. If left untreated, this can eventually lead to hearing loss. To avoid the infection all together, use Doc’s Proplugs to help keep any and all water out. For truly chronic swimmer’s ear infections, pair a set of the earplugs with additional protection. 


    The Proplugs can easily go with you to the pool, beach, lake and anywhere in between. They help prevent surfer’s ear, swimmer’s ear, and ruptured eardrums. One of the best things about the Doc’s earplugs is that they are available in both vented and non-vented styles. Vented earplugs serve to release pressure from the head, allowing divers to properly equalize. Any diver knows how frustrating it can be to get ears to clear when submerging. The plugs unique design makes equalizing as easy and pain-free as possible.


    One of the best things about Doc’s is that there is no messy sticky putty to potentially get lost in the ear canal. These one-piece plugs are different from the other earplugs on the market. Unlike silicone designs, Doc’s Proplugs will not irritate the ear canal or disrupt the natural earwax production. Earwax is vital for your body to produce and helps keep foreign microorganisms at bay. Because they are so easy to use, your entire family will love using Doc’s. 


    Although the sizing process may be a bit time-consuming, you will not be sorry once you have achieved the perfect fit. When sized appropriately, Doc's Pro Plugs ensure a long-wearing, comfortable fit. Make sure the plugs are seated correctly before diving in or performing flip-turns and they will not let you down.


    If you need a little extra ear protection during swim season, or dream of going to the pool without coming back with a case of swimmer’s ear, then Doc’s Proplugs are a must. Pick up a pair today and see how healthy and happy your ears can stay no matter what water sports you’re into.


    8 Sizes: Tiny, XS, Medium Small, Small, Medium, Large, XL, XXL